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Как меняется мозг

при изучении иностранного языка. Интересная статья в thegardian What happens in the brain when you learn a language? Scans and neuroscience are helping scientists understand what happens to the brain when you learn a...

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Курс базового английского — Basic English

What is Basic English? Basic English – вводный курс общего английского языка, цель которого дать возможность учащимся развить базовые навыки: письмо, говорение, чтение и восприятие речи на слух. Продолжительность курса — 72 ак. часа,...

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Education Technology — theory and practice: PDF tools for iPad teacher

See on Scoop.it — Mobile and Blended Learning See on educationtechnology-theoryandpractice.blogspot.co.uk

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Three Elements of Great Communication, According to Aristotle

See on Scoop.it — ELT Resources The first master of the art believed in ethos, pathos, and logos. See on blogs.hbr.org

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Technology In Education — Why?

See on Scoop.it — Mobile and Blended Learning A free online community devoted solely to education in the 21st Century. Communicate, Collaborate, Network, Share and Learn. We have so much to talk about. See...

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What’s the secret to learning a second language?

See on Scoop.it — ELT Resources Studies reveal it’s more than just a matter of memory. A look at what the science of recall can teach us See on www.salon.com

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